Islands Consolidated School grade 10 student Bethany Welch competed in the Job Search Competition held at the NSCC Ivany Campus on April 6th. She was one of 7 competitors who had to create a resume & cover letter for a fictitious position & then participate in a panel interview based on the posting. Participants also completed an essential skills activity that demonstrated their understanding of essential skills & their importance in the workplace. Bethany took home the gold medal in the Job Search competition & is eligible to compete as a member of Team Nova Scotia at the National Skills Competition to be held in Edmonton in June.

Grade 11 Lockeport Regional High School students Madison Lyle & Mackenzie Buchanan competed in the Video Production Competition. They were only  given a theme for their movie on the day of the competition, which was trades & technology.  They had to come up with a story idea, film it & edit it into a 1 minute 30 second video. They won a silver medal for their video!

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