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Welcome to the Tri-County Regional School Board Technology Services website!

Entering a Technology Work Order


•    Using your TCRSB email account, send an email to (the address is listed in the Global directory as Technology Work Order)


•    Type the school acronym in the subject line, a brief description of the issue and the room number (if applicable)


•    In the body of the message include as much detail as possible about the issue, steps taken to resolve, location of PC, etc.  Click send.




Use your own email address to place work orders to facilitate proper communication in cases where more information is required.  If you cannot access your account then have someone submit on your behalf


A work order is required for all work requests




The email should contain ONLY information that will assist with resolving the issue. Extra comments are not necessary (ie: still does not work, fix ASAP)


Emails are generated automatically by the system when the work order has been submitted and when it has been resolved. There is no need to reply with Thank you as this only re-opens the work order and causes delays in the process


Emails or spoken requests to IT staff do not replace a work order and are not guaranteed to be addressed


If more information was requested by the IT Department and there has not been a repsonse from the requestor within 5 days, the work order will be closed.


The work order system is to resolve technical issues, it is not a medium to be used for asking questions to IT staff. All work orders go to the Manager of Technology and assigned from there.


Please attempt to resolve the problem before submitting a work order (ie. check all connections). Some issues can be resolved by contacting the Help Desk (^5815), if you do not receive an answer, please leave a message.  The Help Desk is also responsible for maintaining all of the Board's Servers, as well as supporting workstations and staff at the Board Office.

Email for Powerschool related work requests

​If you are not expecting an email with an attachment from someone, DO NOT open it.

NOBODY will ask you for your username, password or personal information via Email.

TCRSB will not email you to click on a link because we are doing maintenance to the mail server.

If you are in doubt, throw it out.

TCRSB or EDnet will never ask for your password via e-mail, do not respond to any e-mail asking for your password or personal information unless you have confirmed with the sender beforehand.
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