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The Tri-County Regional School Board (TCRSB) was officially formed in August of 2004 when the Government of Nova Scotia formed two separate Boards from the former Southwest Regional School Board, one of which became the Tri-County Regional School Board.

The TCRSB serves approximately 60,000 people of Digby, Yarmouth, and Shelburne counties. It is located at the South-Western tip of the province of Nova Scotia and serves approximately 5800 students in twenty-two schools, composed of thirteen elementary schools, one middle school, two elementary/high schools, and six high schools.

The TCRSB is among the most rural of the school boards in Nova Scotia covering over 7,000 square kilometers while providing equitable and diverse educational options, including an increased number of online course opportunities.


Mission Statement


The Tri-County Regional School Board has adopted the following as its mission statement:
“We will ensure quality education for all our students, enabling them to reach their full potential.”




The Board’s motto focuses on what we believe to be our true task:
“Students First”


Elected Members

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Tanya Forrest

Assistant to the Superintendent / Board Secretary


Dolores Atwood

Board Member - Municipality of Yarmouth

Dolores Atwood was elected to the Tri-County Regional School Board in 2012 and re-elected in 2016 for the Municipality of Yarmouth area.  She was the first female/immigrant candidate to be nominated to run provincially in Yarmouth for the 2006 Nova Scotia Provincial election.  Dolores has served the community by sitting on the Town & Municipal Joint Heritage and Yarmouth Municipal Planning Advisory Committees.

(902) 742-8475


Michael Drew

Board Chair - Municipality of Yarmouth

Michael Drew was elected to the Board in October 2016, representing the Town and Municipality of Yarmouth.  From 1990 to 1999, he taught Grade 9 Alternate English, Science and Math, and Grade 8 & 9 English. In 1999, he transferred to Y. C. M. H. S. where he taught English 11, English 12, IB English 12 and Psychology 12, and was the IB Coordinator. He retired in June 2016 after teaching for 30 years.


Michael Alden Fells

3rd Executive Board Member - African Nova Scotian Representative

Michael Alden Fells the African Nova Scotian Representative, was elected as a board member in 2004.  He has served as basketball coach for many years and has an avid interest in youth.  Michael travelled as a religious educator to Africa and Europe.  He serves on various education committees for the African Nova Scotian Community throughout the Tri-Counties.


Donna Frison-LeBlanc

Board Member - Municipality of Clare

Donna Frison-LeBlanc is serving her 1st term as a board member, representing the Municipality of Clare.


Sandra Fitzgerald

Board Member - Municipality of Argyle

Sandra Fitzgerald was elected as a board member in October 2016, representing the Municipality of Argyle.  She is an Early Childhood Educator and has been involved in Early Childhood Education for over 35 years, which shows her dedication and earnest desire to ensure quality education for all children.


Janice Francis

Board Member - Mi'kmaq Representative for Acadia First Nations

Janice Francis the Mi’kmaq representative for Acadia First Nations, was appointed as a board member in 1998.  Earlier in her career she taught in Shelburne and Queens Counties and is presently employed as the Education Coordinator for Acadia First Nations.


Faye Haley

Board Member - Digby

Faye Haley, after 33 years as an educator, was elected as a board member to represent Digby in 1997.  She has served as Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board and is an active volunteer in her community especially interested in the arts.  Ms. Haley has held various executive positions in the community and professional associations.


Andrea Huskilson-Townsend

Board Member - Town of Clark's Harbour and Municipality of Barrington

Andrea Huskilson-Townsend is serving her 3rd term as a board member representing the Town of Clark’s Harbour and Municipality of Barrington.  Andrea has previously been the Chair of Forest Ridge Academy’s SAC and is the current president of Forest Ridge Academy’s Home & School, and Chair of Brass Hill Playground Association. 


Donna Tidd

Board Member - Town of Digby, Digby Neck, and the Islands

Donna Tidd, who represents the Town of Digby, Digby Neck and the Islands, has been a board member since 1991.  She has held the position of Chair of the Board and is currently Vice-Chair of the Board.   She also serves on the School Insurance Program Board of Directors, the NSSBA Governance Steering Committee, and has held various executive positions in the community and professional associations.   


Pat Nickerson

Board Member - Municipality of Shelburne, Town of Shelburne and Town of Lockeport

Pat Nickerson, who is serving her 1st term as school board member, representing Shelburne County, Immigrated to Nova Scotia in 1966.  She taught Home Economics at Lockeport Regional High School and Barrington Regional High School, and then became the Guidance Counsellor at Shelburne Regional High School. She continued her education at Mount Saint Vincent University and graduated from there with two degrees in 1991.


Melanie Surette-Kenney

Board Vice-Chair - Town of Yarmouth

Melanie Surette-Kenney was elected to the Board in 2016 and represents the Town of Yarmouth.  She is proud to serve the community that she grew up in and schools that she is an alumni member of.  She has two children in school and her desire to serve came as a result of their experience as they made their way through School.


Paul Ash

Superintendent of Schools


Tanya Forrest

Assistant to the Superintendent / Board Secretary


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