February is African Heritage month and Tri-County Schools will be busy celebrating with various activities throughout this month.

Bria Miller, former YCMHS graduate, will be doing some art with Discovering Opportunities grade 9 students at YCMHS on March 6th. Bria was chosen for the Commission on Inclusive Education to put people’s comments and ideas into art.

Meadowfields Community School:  From Monday, February 5 to Wednesday, February 7, Vanessa Fells from the Black Loyalist Heritage Centre and Student Support Worker Melissa Fells have spent time with Grade Primary to 6 students.  Students and staff have enjoyed these valuable and important presentations.

Clark’s Harbour Elementary School also hosted Vanessa Fells. Vanessa’s presentation focused on Black Loyalists as well as the rich history of Africa.

Maple Grove Education Centre students will have the opportunity to visit and tour the beautiful Black Loyalist Heritage Centre organized by Melissa Fells.  The students will also enjoy a special meal.

The Lockeport Elementary School choir participated in the Municipal Proclamation of African Heritage Month at the Black Loyalist Centre in Birchtown last Friday.

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